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Lee McHatton  is a certified communication specialist and life coach with a private practice in Chico,CA. He has many years of experience in providing communication training for individuals - adults, teens, children - couples, and business organizations.  Lee has his M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist.  He excels in conflict resolution and is a certified trainer with Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.* 

Background:  Lee began his professional career in 1985 with a National Sales and Marketing Firm after completing college.  He quickly became one of the Top Sales Reps in the Company despite working in one of the smallest and least successful offices (Chico, CA) in one of the most challenging trade areas for that company.  In a short thirteen months he was promoted to Management becoming the youngest Branch Manager in company history at the ripe age of 23.  After training Sales Reps in Chico, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Texas he was asked to come back to Chico, CA and revive the once successful Chico office that he helped build. Lee experienced some tremendous Sales and Management training in his tenure with this Company.  He trained and managed three of the top 10 Sales reps in the Company and earned several personal and branch sales awards while managing his office.  Even though he was one of the few Branch Managers who was asked to purchase an office (franchise) and had experienced success with over forty employees, something was missing.

Lee decided to help people at more of a personal and spiritual level by going back to college to pursue his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. While in Graduate School Lee discovered his “Passion” to not only become an effective communicator but to help others become proficient at communicating.  This passion drove him to research what types of effective, proficient, and reproducible programs were out there.  After thoroughly researching the available programs, Lee determined that Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.* (ICP) based in Evergreen, Colorado was the best program available. He traveled to Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado, to see the program first hand and then made a decision to become trained with ICP.  Lee has been teaching the ICP program since 1997.  Since this beginning Lee is one of the few Certified Instructors in Northern California and one of the highest volume trainers in ICP, Inc.’s National Network according to Sherod Miller, Ph.D. CEO/Chairman and Master Teacher of ICP, Inc.

Lee operates his consulting company, Communication Consultants in his hometown of Chico, California.

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